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Meal Prep Menu


Blackened Shrimp and Seasonal Veggies

$11.99 / Meal

Shrimp seasoned to perfection is a lean high protein choice paired with vegetables and potatoes for a well-rounded meal.

Salmon Adobo with Seasonal Succotash

$12.99 / Meal

Salmon seasoned to perfection with adobo seasoning and paired with black bean and corn succotash.

Salmon Adobo with Seasonal Veggies

$12.99 / Meal

Salmon seasoned to perfection with adobo served with tasty veggies. A meal low in carbohydrates while high in protein.

Salmon Linguini

$12.99 / Meal

Salmon served over linguini - a tasty way to get in your Omega 3's for the day.

Salmon Zoodles

$12.99 / Meal

A nutritious and low carbohydrate meal for lunch or dinner!

Salmon and Seasonal Veggies

$12.99 / Meal

This meal is packed with vitamins, minerals, omega 3's, EPA, and DHA.

Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo

$11.99 / Meal

Our homemade alfredo sauce served with fettucini and shrimp.