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During these turbulent times we’ve made it easier for you to help your community. You have 3 options.

  1. Donate food to a frontline healthcare worker (Thousands Sick)
  2. Donate to a family in need (17 + million unemployed)
  3. Homeless (Thousands)

What we’re doing is matching each donation $1 for $1. This means if you donate $10 we’ll donate $10, if you donate $100 we’ll donate $100. We’ll create a video to show you how you’ve helped contribute to your community. You can add your IG, phone number and or email to see our video. These are turbulent times so there’s no better time to help.

Other causes we’re currently working towards.

Reduced over 4,000 lbs of waste in our environment by allowing you to choose to have a reusable cooler delivery bag, reusable meal prep containers, portioned out meals to further reduce grocery waste AND our software so our kitchen knows exactly how much food to make. In order to create a more prosperous future we all need to do our part to pitch in.